Coastal Radio SA is a bilingual independent online radio station that was established in 2015.

From the get-go, we decided to focus our energy on providing the listener with an old-school entertainment vibe, and with music from the ’60s, 70;s and 80’s to take them on a journey down memory lane. Our formula has been successful and with only just over 320 000 hours of studio time under the belt, we are still a youngster in the industry and learn every day as we are guided by our listeners.

The most important part of radio off course is the listener and we have been very fortunate to have a loyal and substantial following in South Africa and abroad. If we have to categories this wonderful group of individuals are all from within a LSM 7-10 grouping.

That is Coastal Radio SA in a nutshell. No fancy pitches, and definitely no polished bells and whistles. We are just a group of broadcasters with a passion for radio, and that comes through on air